Dental Fillings in Maddington

Even the most beautiful smile can become damaged if it’s not taken care of. A cavity affects your teeth on a deeper layer, and untreated cavities may lead to more serious problems in future. Our dental fillings at Clear Choice Dental can help you maintain the health of your pearly whites.

dental fillings in maddington
dental fillings can restore a bright smile and good oral health

Dental fillings can restore a bright smile and good oral health

Cavities are painful and can often lead to more serious dental problems if not managed promptly.

Cavities are holes in your teeth caused by bacteria eating the enamel away. A cavity can grow bigger and cause damage to the inside of your tooth, which can lead to pain, infection, and even tooth loss.

Fillings can help restore your smile’s health and radiance. Dental professionals remove the decayed portion of the tooth and then “fill” the area on the tooth where the decayed material was. In addition, dental fillings can also be used to repair chipped or broken teeth. 

At Clear Choice Dental, we offer quality dental filling services that are durable and long-lasting so you can regain confidence in your smile. Please call us at (08) 9452 8877. We look forward to helping you achieve healthy, glowing teeth!

Common Reasons Why You Need Dental Fillings

We understand that dental care can be a major concern for many people. That’s why our entire team at Clear Choice Dental works hard to provide excellent customer service and high-quality treatment without compromising either one of those things. Dental fillings are one of the services we provide, and you may require one if:

Damaged Teeth:

Do you want to be able to enjoy your favourite dishes without pain? If only a small bit of enamel was chipped off, it’s possible that we’ll be able to restore the damage through dental fillings and keep your teeth’s function and appearance intact.

Teeth Sensitivity:

A sensitive tooth can be caused by a variety of factors, including wear and tear on the enamel. You might benefit from a dental filling treatment at Clear Choice Dental if you suffer from pain caused by exposed roots or other oral health problems.

Chipped Tooth:

Tooth decay can develop from a chipped tooth and lead to dental sensitivity. This is because the surface layer of your teeth is more vulnerable when they’re exposed. It’s easier for bacteria to find their way into the teeth through tiny cracks or chips on outer surfaces. With our quick and painless tooth filling procedure, this dental problem will be a thing of the past.

Tooth Erosion:

Our staff is trained to provide the dental care you need, and we’re here to help your teeth look better than they have in years. Many individuals develop tooth erosion as a result of their diet or due to other factors. With appropriate filling materials, our team can prevent additional harm.

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Why Choose Clear Choice Dental in Maddington

Take a look at what it’s like to visit a friendly and comfortable dental clinic! Our patients will receive high-quality treatment using cutting-edge technology, specialized techniques, and individualized treatment plans so all their oral healthcare needs can be met. Using new technology, our dental professionals provide safe procedures, such as dental fillings, to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

We believe a beautiful smile is well worth the expense. Therefore we accept private health insurance and payment plans so that you can receive treatments that meet your needs without breaking the bank. Additionally, we offer various dental care services at our practice in Yokine and Joondalup. Schedule an appointment today and begin your journey to a healthier teeth and gums.

why choose clear choice dental in maddington

Frequently Asked Questions
About Dental Fillings

One of the most common dental procedures is filling cavities and repairing damaged teeth with composite fillings. Patients can restore their bright, shiny smiles through this simple dental treatment. Fillings provide the following benefits:

Prevent the worsening of a cavity
A cavity can expose the nerves in your teeth, resulting in a toothache. During the procedure, the decayed part of your tooth will be removed by your dentist and seal the hole with filling material. By doing so, the nerve endings in your dentine will no longer be exposed to the temperatures of your food and to the acids produced by the bacteria in your mouth.

Rebuild the tooth structure
Dental fillings help to rebuild the tooth structure. By strengthening a tooth, dental fillings prevent cavities from forming. Due to the temporary nature of fillings, there will be no risk to your tooth during the application process.

Strengthen fractured teeth
Fillings are useful for restoring a fractured tooth. Accidents or sports injuries can lead to tooth fractures. Chewing hard things, like ice or hard candies can also fracture the teeth. Getting older makes your teeth weaker, putting you at greater risk for cracks and chips.

Make your teeth appear brighter
Staining and discolouration of teeth may necessitate a dental filling. You can stain your teeth with certain foods and beverages, such as coffee and red wine. In addition, your teeth can lose their natural colour due to bad habits such as smoking.

Reduce chances of decay
Your teeth develop tiny holes that aren’t big enough to be considered cavities, but they still trap food and eventually cause decay. However, fillings can fill these holes and prevent further decay and damage.

The oldest and most popular way to fill cavities is with amalgam. Due to their colour, amalgam fillings are sometimes called silver fillings, but they’re made of mercury, silver, copper, and tin. Using mercury as a binder, other metal particles can be bound together to form a strong, durable filling.

Mercury fillings may sound scary, but extensive research has shown amalgam fillings are safe for most people. FDA guidelines indicate that amalgam fillings cause a low level of mercury exposure that may affect some groups of people. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, children under six years of age, individuals with impaired kidney function or neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s, or those allergic to mercury or other metals in the amalgam may also be at risk.

Composite fillings are an alternative to amalgam fillings, and it is both effective and safe. It is a tooth-coloured material that could easily blend in with your natural teeth. Choosing the right type of filling for you should be discussed with your dentist during your consultation appointment.

Dentists generally do not recommend removing fillings unless it is justified, such as for aesthetic reasons. Due to leaks at the edges, excessive corrosion, and deterioration, amalgam fillings may need to be replaced after many years. Amalgam fillings can also cause cracks in your teeth because they expand and contract.

If you maintain your teeth properly, a filling will last approximately five to fifteen years. The durability of a dental filling depends on the material used, your dental care routine, and the amount of pressure caused by chewing or grinding teeth. Fillings may loosen, crack, or even fall out over time.

Do you have concerns about getting a cavity filled? To ease your mind, here is a list of things you can expect at your appointment. Filling procedures vary depending on the location of the filling and the materials used.  

Numbing your mouth
To reduce pain, your dentist may numb your teeth before filling a cavity. A jelly-like substance is rubbed on the teeth and surrounding areas. Your gums around the affected tooth will be numbed with a local anaesthetic injection.

A rubber dam may then be placed on your teeth
Your dentist may place a rubber sheet in your mouth in certain cases so that the affected tooth can be easily accessed. Additionally, it prevents liquids and tooth chips from entering your mouth.

Getting rid of the decay
A laser, drill, or air abrasion tool is then used to remove the decayed material from the tooth. Despite the fact that this part may sound scary, the anesthetics and numbing applied at the beginning will greatly minimise the discomfort. The dentist will carefully clean the tooth and prepare it for a filling as soon as it is decay-free.

Completing the process by filling the cavity
An empty cavity is left in the tooth once decayed material has been removed. When the cavity is drilled, a dentist will fill it with the filling material of your choice. It is essential that the hole be filled properly, without gaps or unevenness, to prevent bacteria from growing and prevent further decay from occurring.

After the cavity has been filled, your dentist will file and smooth your tooth so you can chew normally. The treatment is usually done in 30 to 60 minutes.

After a filling, patients may experience tooth sensitivity or discomfort. It can be caused by an allergic reaction, nerve irritation, or incorrect bite alignment. Tooth sensitivity usually subsides over time, however, if you experience extreme pain or discomfort, along with other symptoms, such as fever or swelling, you should contact your dentist right away.

In order to prevent decay from forming under or around fillings or on other teeth, certain steps should be taken after a filling is placed. Here is a checklist of things you might want to consider for dental fillings aftercare:

  • Refrain from biting down on hard objects whenever possible
  • Avoid eating sticky foods
  • Maintain good oral health by brushing regularly
  • Make sure to floss every day
  • Visit the dentist every 6 months
  • Brush your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste

Every individual should be proud of their good oral health and beautiful smile. Use the tips above to improve your oral health, preserve your dental fillings, and maintain them in good condition. 

Fillings are one of the most affordable dental procedures. A simple filling on a back tooth can cost between $160 and $200, while a simple filling on a front tooth can cost between $150 and $200. More complex fillings on the back tooth can cost $300 to $390, and on the front tooth, $270 to $350. Every procedure will vary in price, so make sure you visit our clinic for an assessment.

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