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We know how frustrating it can be to have dull and stained teeth. Get a radiant smile with our high-quality whitening procedure. Don’t wait another moment; book an appointment today!

teeth whitening in maddington
put an end to embarrassing discoloured teeth with teeth whitening

Put An End To Embarrassing discoloured Teeth With Teeth Whitening

Consuming coffee, tea, red wine, and cigarette smoking can stain and discolour our teeth over time.  

You might want to consider teeth whitening if your smile is not quite as sparkling white as you would like. Using teeth whitening, you can lighten your teeth by removing stains and discolourations. 

Clear Choice Dental provides in-chair teeth whitening treatment to all our patients. This effective and quick dental procedure uses a special light to activate the whitening agents, resulting in brighter teeth in just one dental visit. Professional teeth whitening is safe, gentle, and convenient, and our experienced dental professionals will make sure you’re comfortable throughout the entire process. Schedule a consultation today to see if Clear Choice Dental teeth whitening is right for you.

Common Reasons Why You Need Teeth Whitening Treatment

Great news! You can now achieve a radiant smile. Boost your smile’s brightness from every angle with in-chair and at-home teeth whitening dental treatments. Here at Clear Choice Dental, we are committed to delivering innovative technology that is convenient for you.


As a result of nicotine and tar in tobacco, smokers often suffer from yellow or brown discolouration of their teeth. Despite regular brushing and flossing, many smokers’ teeth remain discoloured despite their best efforts. Let us help you regain your sparkling smile today by scheduling an appointment.

Tooth Discolouration

Professionally and socially, a bright white smile can be a valuable asset. In spite of this, teeth can become discoloured or stained over time due to a variety of factors, such as drinking coffee or tea; regain your radiant smile today with our gentle and safe teeth whitening treatment!

Ageing Teeth

We can develop discolourations and stains on our teeth as we age. Even though a youthful, white smile is a natural part of the aging process, many people desire to maintain it. Whitening your teeth is a popular way to achieve this goal, and there are numerous options available. Please consult with our experienced dentist before selecting a whitening method to ensure that it is right for you.

Improve Self-Confidence

Brighter, whiter teeth can help you put your best foot forward no matter what situation you’re in. It is a simple and effective way to brighten your smile, and there are a variety of options available to suit your needs and budget.

Try Our Smile App Today

At Clear Choice Dental, we believe that your smile should be as unique as you are. That’s why we offer the Smile App, a revolutionary way to visualize your new smile. Simply send us a selfie and our skilled team will use cutting-edge technology to simulate your new look.

Why Choose Clear Choice Dental in Maddington

Having healthy teeth is important not just for your beautiful smile but also for your oral health. For gorgeous pearly whites, Clear Choice Dental offers a wide range of dental services. In addition to using the most advanced dental technology available, our friendly team has years of experience and comprehensive training in providing effective teeth whitening treatment for all our patients.

Enjoy the convenience of receiving dental care at our state-of-the-art facility at a time that is convenient for you. We also have payment plans so you don’t have to worry about how much your teeth whitening procedure will cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Teeth Whitening

Understanding the different teeth whitening procedures can help you make an informed decision. Asking your dentist for recommendations can help you make the best decision.

  • In-chair teeth whitening
    Most people only need one visit to the dentist for in-chair bleaching. Before the whitening process, the gums will be protected by using a soothing gel or rubber shields applied by dental professionals. After this, the dentist will bleach your teeth for a few cycles, depending on how quickly your teeth lighten.

  • At-home bleaching
    In order to bleach teeth at home, a dentist will create an customised tray for the patient. Typically, the bleaching solution is poured into a tray and used as directed. You may find this to be the best home teeth whitening treatment. The result will be visible after several days or even weeks.

  • Over-the-counter products
    There are bleaching toothpaste can be found in supermarkets or online. However, these products typically contain lower concentration of bleaching agents. It is recommended that you consult your dentist before using an over-the-counter bleaching kit.

There is nothing unusual about having a bit of discolouration on your teeth. There are several factors that can cause discolouration of the teeth. Among them are:

  1. A poor dental hygiene routine:
    Neglecting to brush and floss every day is one of the leading causes of tooth discolouration. Plaque forms in your mouth and teeth when you don’t brush or floss regularly.

  2. Use of tobacco:
    People who smoke face challenges with their oral health. Chewing or smoking tobacco increases your risk of gum disease and other oral health problems, as well as discolouration of the teeth.

  3. Some foods and beverages:
    Aside from coffee, tea, wine, soda, and other juices that contain acid, they can also stain your teeth. Foods like apples, beets, and tomatoes, which are healthy, can also cause discolouration. Avoid brightly coloured candy, popsicles, and other foods that can stain your clothes.

  4. Natural aging:
    With age, our teeth’s enamel wears away making the dentin visible. As you get older your smile will become yellow due to the colour of the dentin.

  5. Some medical conditions:
    Your enamel might become discoloured if you have certain medical conditions. Conditions such as metabolic diseases, calcium deficiencies, liver disease, rickets, and celiac disease fall into this category.

  6. Medications:
    Certain antihistamines, antipsychotics, and blood pressure medications can darken teeth as a side effect. Getting radiation or chemotherapy to the head or neck can also cause discolouration of the teeth.

  7. Genetics:
    When it comes to maintaining a white, happy smile, some people are born lucky, and others are not. Teeth’s aesthetic colour is determined by the thickness and brightness of enamel, which is determined by genetics.

  8. Traumatic injury:
    Discolouration can occur when a tooth is chipped or otherwise damaged by a blunt force. Children are most likely to experience it, but adults can also suffer from it.

Whitening the teeth is a popular cosmetic procedure performed at home or in the dentist’s office. Most whitening treatments use peroxide as the bleaching agent. Peroxide is used in teeth-whitening products to dissolve organic stains, changing the colour of teeth and improving their whiteness. Upon contact with tooth enamel, this substance helps break up stains and discolourations, giving you the whiter and brighter smile.

It is generally considered safe to whiten teeth with whitening treatments. For at-home bleaching, however, it is important to follow the directions carefully and not overuse the bleaching peroxide agent because it can damage your teeth. Excessive use of peroxide can also harm your teeth. If you use a lot of whitening products with high concentrations, your teeth will dry out, which will eventually make them darker. To reduce risks, it’s important to always speak with your dentist before starting any treatment.

Tooth whitening can lead to tooth sensitivity and pain in the gums and tongue. Further, it is possible to over-whiten, resulting in a translucency that appears grey when viewed from the shadows of the mouth. Over-extending the bleaching process can result in this problem. 

It is possible to ingest whitening gel during take-home whitening, causing nausea, burning, and vomiting. Since your teeth-whitening tray should fit your teeth almost perfectly, there is a very slim chance that this will happen. As peroxide can burn your gums if not properly protected, it’s best to leave your treatments in the hands of a professional dentist.

An experienced dentist can perform in-chair teeth whitening that provides faster and more reliable results, which you can usually see immediately after the procedure. It is safe to perform in-chair treatments using high concentrations of whitening agents such as hydrogen peroxide since it is under controlled conditions.

Alternatively, bleaching at home starts showing results in about a week and reaches its maximum in about two to four weeks. Furthermore, the results of teeth whitening depend on how much peroxide you use, how long you wear them and how discoloured your teeth are.

You can dramatically improve your smile by whitening your teeth with Clear Choice Dental’s fast, affordable, and effective teeth whitening services. Your smile will look brighter for up to one year after whitening if you take good care of your pearly whites. If you want the effects of teeth whitening to last, you must pay attention to what you eat and drink right after the procedure. If you have just had your teeth whitened, here are four things you should avoid:

  • Coffee, wine, and soda
    Drinks such as coffee, wine, and soda can cause discolouration of the teeth. Each of them contains dark pigments that find their way into the pits in your teeth, staining them. These drinks also contain high levels of acid, which weakens the enamel and makes it easier for dark-coloured particles to stain your teeth.

  • Consuming acidic foods
    In order to lift the stains from your teeth, your enamel is slightly weakened during the whitening process. In a few days, your enamel will slowly regain its strength following your whitening treatment. Similarly, eating acidic foods right now may make your teeth even weaker and more sensitive to temperature. Fruits such as citrus, tomatoes, and pickled foods should be avoided because they contain acid.

  • Dark-coloured fruits and vegetables
    Vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables are good for the teeth, as we all know. Due to their acidic nature and dark particles, a few can stain your newly whitened teeth quickly. Fruits and vegetables like berries, beets, cherries, and pomegranates should be avoided to keep your teeth sparkling.

During your initial appointment, your dentist will be able to give you an idea of how long it will take to brighten your smile, as well as the cost of the procedure. Typically, the procedure can cost between $260 and $280 per tooth during a single dental appointment. To determine the specific amount charged by your dentist, feel free to contact the clinic.

Either an at-home kit or a professional whitening service can make your gums more sensitive due to the chemicals used in the process. In addition to the risk of gum burns, some teeth-whitening kits can cause damage to the enamel if used for a lengthy period of time. By getting your teeth whitened by a knowledgeable dentist, you can prevent these problems.

There are several alternatives to teeth whitening that can produce the same results for a bright and perfect smile. To determine the best treatment for you, our dentist will evaluate your oral health and discuss your treatment goals. The following are alternative teeth whitening methods.

  • Tooth Bonding: 
    Tooth bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can improve the appearance of your teeth. Bonding can be used to repair cracked or chipped teeth, close gaps between teeth, and change the shape or colour of your teeth. The procedure involves applying a tooth-coloured resin to your tooth and then hardening the resin with a special light.

  • Porcelain Veneers.
    Porcelain veneers are thin shells that are bonded over the tooth. You can conceal discolouration or other cosmetic issues with veneers, since it has the appearance of a natural teeth. With veneers, you can eat, drink, and speak normally since they are strong enough to function like natural teeth.

  • Lumineers.
    Lumineers are made of ceramic material which are made in a laboratory using the impression of your teeth.  These custom-made veneers fit perfectly on your teeth. They are bonded to your natural teeth for maximum support and comfort.

  • Dental Crowns.
    When your teeth require both cosmetic and restorative work, dental crowns are a good option. Dental crown are used when more than just the front surface has been damaged since they completely cover the entire tooth. The tooth’s functionality and appearance can be restored by placing a crown on it. Additionally, you will be able to keep your natural teeth for a longer amount of time.

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